DJ Services – Video Jockey

Looking to take your event to the next level?

Video Jockey or VJ, is one of Island Sound’s hallmarks. We’ve been on the cutting edge of VJ technology since we started spinning DVDs almost decade.

Because we have several skilled VJs on staff, we can match the VJs personality and style to the type of experience you’re looking to create.

From the classics of the Video Era to the most current dance hits, the deepest underground sounds or the hottest latin and reggae rhythms, our VJs can provide an immersive multimedia experience, treating your guests to more than just crystal clear sound and expert skill, but to the artists’ complete vision of how the music should be seen.

We can show the videos on flatscreen TVs or with our huge projections screens. You pick the format, you pick the music, and we put together a memorable event.

From Motown to Hip Hop, Bachata to Electropop, Modern Rock to Dubstep and beyond, there’s nothing our VJs can’t spin with the skill, style, and reliability you’ve come to expect from Island Sound. Looking for a VJ in the Triangle? Look no further.

Island Sound can also offer the Triangle’s most unique performance technique – the touchscreen DJ/VJ. Contact us for more details.