Video Services – Schools

Many of the schools in the area are supplementing their paper yearbook with a video yearbook. This interest has prompted us to help out many of the schools in our area by offering our services at NO COST to the school. For your video yearbook we will come out to many of your school functions such as sporting events, plays, school dances, talent shows, homecoming, spirit week, and school specific traditions. Island Sound will also make special montages of the upper classmen making them the stars of this wonderful video. Your school can also use its complimetnary copy of the video to showcase the school itself to prospective students.

You may ask yourself how we do this at no cost to you. We offer the DVDs for sale to the students and parents. The estimated cost is $25 per video yearbook. If pre-orders exceed 300 copies discounts will be applied. At the end of the year, we will host a preview showing of the video before we hand out the orders to be filled. Island Sound will also provide the order forms to be distributed to the families of the students. For more information or a free video demo or to book our services feel free to call or e-mail us at your earliest convenience.